What Democrats Believe:

We’re right on Education – We believe in investing in Florida’s public schools, colleges, and universities, not privatizing them. 

We’re right on jobs – We believe in small business, not special interest legislation, and livable wages so people can own their homes.

We’re right on Health Care – We believe that affordable, quality health care is an American promise - that everyone should have.

We’re right on Criminal Justice reform – We denounce the criminal justice system’s disproportionate imprisonment of people of color, and those of lower socioeconomic standings.

We’re right on Women and Families – We believe in Equal Pay for equal work.    

We’re right on Voting Rights – We continue to fight republican Voter purges and voter suppression activities.

We’re right on Civil Rights – discrimination is Wrong.

We’re right on Protecting Our Land and Water – We believe that economic prosperity and a healthy environment is not an either/or proposition. We rightly insist on both.

We’re right on Immigration – We know that immigration is not a threat, to be controlled with laws that target minorities.  We know that this country grows and thrives from the ambition and hope that immigrants bring.


Manatee Sarasota Democratic Black Caucus of Florida. All rights reserved.

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